November 01, 2013

The Children's Railroad

The Children's Railroad

About 10 miles from Moscow, not far from the town of Zhukovsky, between the Kratovo and Otdykh rail stations, lies a three-mile stretch of narrow-gauge rail line. It is the so-called Junior Moscow Railroad, and it is staffed and run entirely by children aged nine to 15.

Better known as the Children’s Railroad, the line has been in operation since 1937 and each summer attracts some 30,000 visitors. It runs in both directions and has two station stops (Pionerskaya and Yunost) and one platform stop (Shkolnaya).

Make no mistake, the children’s railroad is no toy train carrying mice and squirrels from meadow to meadow. It is a real-life railroad – just with a 30 percent narrower gauge. Were Anna Karenina to throw herself in front of one of these trains, she would wind up just as dead.

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