May 01, 2020

Dirt, Tourists, and Tsars

Dirt, Tourists, and Tsars
Washing a Moscow street. Subcomandantemarcos | DREAMSTIME.COM

Russian scientists in Yekaterinburg are studying the age-old question: Why is there so much dirt in Russian cities?

Of course, the researchers at the Institute of Industrial Ecology gave their project a more scientific formulation: Study of the Geochemical Transformation of Urban Landscapes in the Context of Modern Sedimentation Processes. The researchers hypothesized that the composition of Russian dirt reflects pollution trends and may be harmful to urban residents.

The amount of dust in the summer and mud in the wetter seasons in Russian cities is often puzzling, especially to those familiar with cleaner cities in Europe, or indeed the United States. The American tendency (in some places) to not remove street shoes upon entering a home inspires horror among Muscovites, who dare not step beyond their welcome mat in their muddy street shoes.

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