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1. Freed Internet or Internment?

“Everything is ready for it technologically. All decisions have also been made at the legislative level, but (…) it is not easy, and it is really not desired. I still, frankly speaking, do not see any signs of this happening, because, for obvious reasons, it is a double-edged weapon.”

– Brandishing the biggest sword, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced to the rest of the world on February 1st that Russia is now ready to disconnect from the global Internet.
Tags: freedom, medvedev, Internet
2. Time to Hit the Slopes!

For now I’m going skiing for a couple days, I’ll return and will work."

Dmitri Medvedev, on his relaxation plans now that he’s no longer prime minister.

Tags: medvedev
3. Say no to discrimination, ducks, and hugs

International Women's Day was celebrated by marches, flowers, and flash mobs. In other news, Russia and China are BFFs, and Prime Minister Medvedev likes ducks. 

Tags: russia, international women's day, china, medvedev
By Alice E.M. Underwood
4. Because Curling is Not Funny Enough!

Life without humor is dull. And that is even true when it comes to sports. Here at the Olympics, one cannot be exclusively focused on “ochki, goly, sekundy” (points, goals,seconds). So, time to look at the lighter side of things in Sochi.

Tags: sports, olympics, medvedev, obama
By Mikhail Ivanov
5. Keep Reading, Dima

President Dmitry Medvedev says he likes the classics, but that,just recently he made a request for buying about 50 books authored by contemporary Russian writers over the past 5-7 years. "I have read some of them and I cannot say I have been excited," he said. "By and large I have to read all sorts of dull papers the presidents normally read. Draft documents, draft decrees, draft instructions, laws, reports...

Tags: medvedev, reading, literature, fiction
By Paul E. Richardson
6. Dima's recruitment

This hilarious YouTube satire video by the Perm KVN group gives a bit of background on the recent Russian election, and how Medevedev was recruited for his role. The dubbing is superbly done. (All in Russian)...

Tags: politics, medvedev, putin
By Paul E. Richardson
7. Medvedev Emerges from His Den

In the 2002 film Oligarch, by Russian director Pavel Lungin, the main character predicts his own downfall, saying, "Russia is a bear. You think you are playing with it and it devours you."

Tags: putin, medvedev
By Paul E. Richardson
8. Hillary-ous

Hilary Clinton stumbles over the name of the next president of Russia, and a Ukrainian TV host offers a pronunciation lesson.

Tags: hilary, medvedev
By Paul E. Richardson
9. Dima Talks

On February 18, Dmitry Medvedev gave an extended interview with Itogi magazine. Here are some of the highlights,

Tags: medvedev, politics
By Paul E. Richardson
10. We're Just Crazy about Dima

So what exactly do we know about Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, other than that he is a loyal Putinista going back nearly two decades?

Tags: medvedev
By Paul E. Richardson

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