Vladimir Mochalov

Vladimir Mochalov was born in Moscow and graduated from the graphic arts department of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. His creative career began as an engraver at the Goznak factory and beginning in 1969 he worked in the art studio of the magazine Krokodil. by 1984 rising to become the iconic magazine's chief artist. He worked there until the magazine's closure in 2000.

Mochalov has worked with a variety of domestic and international publications and has been published in most every major news publication. He has won numerous domestic and foreign caricature competitions. 

In 2002, he turned his art toward to portraiture, painting many famous politicians, artists and sportsmen with irony.


A Small Crowd of Oxymorons (November/December 2002)
Life with Mushroom (September/October 2002)
The Enobling Deception (July/August 2002)
Walking a Verst in Russia's Lapti (May/June 2002)
Promises, Promises (January/February 2002)
To Tula! Samovar Optional ... (September/October 2001)
The Power of Seven (July/August 2001)
Some Good Bad Russian (May/June 2001)
Better than a Hundred Rubles (March/April 2001)
Matters of Life and Death (January/February 2001)
Stomping on the Throat (November/December 2000)
How Does Your Garden Grow? (September/October 2000)
Can I Sip on Your Tchaikovsky? (July/August 2000)
Tsar Boris' Firm Handshake (May/June 2000)
Painting in Bedroom Tones (January/February 2000)
Pulling the Blanket to One's Side (Oct/Nov 1999)
Drag yourself to this! (Aug/Sep 1999)
Swearing, by Japanese God! (June/July 1999)
Lights, Camera ... (Apr/May 1999)
Crisis Russian (Dec/Jan 1999)
Ending Telephone Hangups (Oct/Nov 1998)
Who Shall Judge the Judges? (Aug/Sept 1998)
Tsar-Struck (June/July 1998)
Talking Man-to-Man (May 1998)
Cooling off the Tubes (April 1998)
Here's to you and us ... (Dec/Jan 1998)
You Say you Want a Revolution? (November 1997)
Repeat and Ye Shall Learn (September 1997)
Moscow in Sunshine and Tears (August 1997)
The Bear's Favors and Favorite Meals (July 1997)
The Flowers of Life on Their Parents' Grave (June 1997)
It's Spring, Say Thank you to the Party! (May 1997)
What's in a Name? (January 1997)
Dear Demosthenes ... (December 1996)
Still Alive, Smoker? (November 1996)
Of Despicable Metal and Easy Behavior (October 1996)
Show Your Colors (September 1996)
How Do We Feel, Doctor? (August 1996)
Excuse My English! (July 1996)
Why Going Dutch is not Russian (June 1996)
Russia, Widen Your Step (May 1996)
Invoking Heaven and Hell (April 1996)
Of Tickets, Hares and Dozing Fathers (March 1996)
Excuse my Russian (February 1996)
A Few False Friends (January 1996)
An Introduction to Russian Acronyms (December 1995)
You Look Like a Cucumber and other Compliments (November 1995)
The Language of Love (October 1995)
Open Sesame, Russian Style (September 1995)
No Longer a Comrade ... Not Yet a Mister (August 1995)

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