Vladimir Kovner

VLADIMIR KOVNER is an engineer, a journalist, and an English<>Russian translator and editor, specializing in poetry, bard songs, ballet and idioms. He and Lydia Stone have been collaborating since 2005. Vladimir was an active participant in the bard movement and his article The Golden Age of “Magnitizdat” is a classic discussion of this era in Soviet history. He has contributed numerous articles to collections about Bulat Okudzhava, in addition to writing on other literary topics for books and journals in both Russian and English. He has also published two books of poetic translation, Pet the Lion, 2010, and Edward Lear. The complete limericks with drawings, a bilingual English-Russian book (2015). He and Stone are completing work on an English-Russian idiom dictionary.


Bulat Okudzhava: An Appreciation (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)


Irony and its Allies (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
The Freedom of the Artist (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
The Power of Art (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
War and its Aftermath (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Love for Places (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Love for Life and Humanity (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Love for Women (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Song Short as Life (32: Musical Writing)

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