Nina Shevchuk-Murray

Nina Shevchuk-Murray came to the US from Ukraine, where she grew up in Lviv. She earned a degree in poetry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her translations include Peter Aleshkovsky’s Stargorod and Fish, as well as Oksana Zabuzhko’s Museum of Abandoned Secrets. Nina’s poetry has been included in Untidy Seasons, an anthology of works by Nebraska women poets.


At Zima Junction, 1943 (May/June 2019)
WWII in Russian Cultural Memory (The Blog)
The First Russian Automobile (The Blog)
The Great Moscow Fire (The Blog)
Chtenia 17 preview (The Blog)
Russian Authors at Book Expo America (The Blog)
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Trotter, Work Horse, Magic Steed (19: Horse Power)
Secret Treasures (34: Treasure Hunting)


The Last Months of Peace (July/August 2014)
August, Asters (15: Summer)
Petersburg Winters (13: Luck)
Snow Drifts 4 (13: Luck)
An Unfortunate Misunderstanding (November/December 2010)
While She Lay Dying (10: Hope Dies Last)
A Hell of a Fate (06: Gogol Mogul)
An Angel Flew By (05: Winter Holidays)
The Republic of SHKID (04: Childhood)
Fish: History of a Migration (03: On the Road)
Russia on the Rails (03: On the Road)
The Tale of a Blue Frogling (02: Three Russian Springs)
The Snow Maiden (02: Three Russian Springs)
Sweet Dreams (17: Sport)
Russia's Wimbledon Debut (17: Sport)
The Face of a Horse (19: Horse Power)
Taglioni's Grandson (19: Horse Power)
Emerald (19: Horse Power)
Burning (21: Dark and Scary)
Stargorod (21: Dark and Scary)
Vurdalak (21: Dark and Scary)
Baba Yaga (21: Dark and Scary)
The Face of War (27: The War to End All)
The Unworthy Knight (34: Treasure Hunting)
Treasure (34: Treasure Hunting)
Mashenka (40: Fall)

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