Natalya Beskhlebnaya

Natasha Beskhlebnaya graduated from the Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow. She is a poet, and for a long time worked on travel documentaries in Russia and beyond, going on to become a TV editor. As a journalist she focuses on culture and society, and has contributed several feature articles to Russian Life over the past decade, on topics ranging from graveyards to missing ships, from lighthouses to churches.


Exploring Early-Soviet-Era Insect Culture (January/February 2022)
Cheburashka in the Fog (July/August 2021)
"Painting Jesus Isn't Dangerous" (July/August 2020)
Hogweed instead of Birches (July/August 2019)
The Life and Death of the Thick Journal (May/June 2019)
A Soviet Fox for Post-Soviet Man (March/April 2019)
Full Interview with Zakharova (The Women of Russian Diplomacy)
The Women of Russian Diplomacy (March/April 2018)
17 Myths of the Revolution (November/December 2017)
The Museum of Freedom (July/August 2017)
Aurora's Sunset (May/June 2017)
Pyramid & Paskha (March/April 2017)
History Through the Eyes of Three Monuments (January/February 2017)
Malevich's Ukrainian Square (September/October 2016)
Ukrainian Sparks (July/August 2014)
Window on Europe (May/June 2014)
The Tiny Oasis (November/December 2012)
The Heart of the Trans-Siberian (November/December 2011)
Black Sea Mystery (March/April 2011)
An Unfortunate Misunderstanding (November/December 2010)
Lighthouse Master (November/December 2009)
Sleeping on Graveyards (May/June 2007)
Feminist Titles (November/December 2020)


The Tiny Oasis (November/December 2012)
Lighthouse Master (November/December 2009)

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