Marina Tsvetaeva

MARiNA TSVETAEVA (1892-1942) was a hugely gifted poet and prose artist whose life was filled with personal tragedy. Opposing the revolution, she and her husband, Sergey Efron, emigrated to Europe, but she was overcome by homesickness, poverty and loneliness. The family returned to Russia in the late 1930s. Efron was killed, her children were imprisoned, and she was barely allowed to work as a translator. Unable to get her creative work published, destroyed by personal tragedies, she took her own life.


August, Asters (15: Summer)
XXX (14: Provincial Life)
Snow Drifts 4 (13: Luck)
Luchina (26: Springtime in Paris)
North. – Northeaster. (37: The Year 1917)

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