Maria Kolesnikova

Maria Kolesnikova is a journalist who lives in Moscow and works for Bloomberg. She was a visiting scholar at New York University's Department of Journalism, and taught at the Rostov State University for seven years. For one year she was managing editor of Russian Life.


Gorbachev Turns 85 (Online)
Women's Day? (Online)
Coming Clean (May/June 2007)
Surkov's National Idea (March/April 2007)
Rediscovering Antarctica (January/February 2007)
Game Over (January/February 2007)
Anna Politkovskaya Murdered (November/December 2006)
The Barefoot Shoemaker (November/December 2006)
Back to School (September/October 2006)
Moscow The Expensive (September/October 2006)
Demographic Woes (Online)
Russian Spas (Online)
The Treasury of Russian Art (May/June 2006)
The Saami's Story (Online)
Easter Reborn (Online)
Space Race II? (Online)
Wine Embargo (Online)
White Ribbon Victory (Online)
Cell Phone Mania (Online)
Spirit Wrestlers of Southern Russia (September/October 2005)
Russian Email Habits (Online)

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