Lydia Razran Stone

LYDIA RAZRAN STONE is a technical and literary translator from Russian who is the editor of SlavFile, the publication of the Slavic Language Division of the American Translators Association. She has been translating poetry for Chtenia since its first issue and curated the bilingual Chtenia issues devoted to Tolstoy (#20) and Okudzhava (#31). She has published four bilingual books of translated poetry, of which the two most recent, The Frogs Who Begged for a Tsar (and 61 other Russian fables by Ivan Krylov), and The Little Humpbacked Horse were published by Russian Life Books.


On Translating Krylov (January/February 2019)
Proverbs for Language Learning (November/December 2015)
War and Peace (July/August 2015)
Fiction and Memoirs (May/June 2011)
Chtenia 11: Literal Poem Translations (The Blog)
Chtenia 5: Literal Poem Translations (The Blog)
Levin's Epiphany (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Leo and Lev (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Fathers and Children (24: Dostoyevsky Bilingual)


The Popular Assembly (January/February 2019)
The Wolf in the Kennel (January/February 2019)
Play (16: Wisdom and Wit)
Wisdom (16: Wisdom and Wit)
Uncommon Wisdom (16: Wisdom and Wit)
I've No Wisdom (16: Wisdom and Wit)
Rainy Summer (15: Summer)
What a summer, what a summer this is! (15: Summer)
I embraced by midday (15: Summer)
The Provincial City of Bolkhov (14: Provincial Life)
The Treasurer's Wife (14: Provincial Life)
Why Did Chekhov Quit This Earth So Soon? (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
About Love (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
Gooseberries (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
The Main in a Case (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
The Seagull (excerpt) (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
The Student (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
A Foolish Frenchman (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
An Unusual Adventure Befalling Vladimir Mayakovsky (11: Dacha Life)
The Stranger (11: Dacha Life)
A Girl Sang in the Church Choir (10: Hope Dies Last)
What is the Calendar? (10: Hope Dies Last)
To Ease Your Heart Take from My Outstretched Hands (10: Hope Dies Last)
The Giraffe (08: Love a la Russe)
Predestination (08: Love a la Russe)
At the Hearth (08: Love a la Russe)
Illness (08: Love a la Russe)
I Have Touched Eucalyptus Leaves (07: To the Caucasus)
The Color Blue (07: To the Caucasus)
Ballad (06: Gogol Mogul)
Carp (06: Gogol Mogul)
Holiday Tree (05: Winter Holidays)
The Five Minute Song (05: Winter Holidays)
December 24, 1971 (05: Winter Holidays)
Christmas Eve in the Forest (05: Winter Holidays)
Harmful Advice (04: Childhood)
A Little Girl Cried in the Park (04: Childhood)
Lullaby (Mama's Gone) (04: Childhood)
From 2 to 5 (04: Childhood)
Lullaby (04: Childhood)
The Road (song) (03: On the Road)
On Foot, A Man Set Out From Home (03: On the Road)
Travel Complaints (03: On the Road)
8 March 1963 (02: Three Russian Springs)
When Spring Will Come (02: Three Russian Springs)
Do Not Abandon Me, Oh Spring (02: Three Russian Springs)
The Sound of Green (02: Three Russian Springs)
Grampa Mazay and the Bunnies (02: Three Russian Springs)
Ivan Toporyshkin (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Baggage (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Loneliness (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
How I Turned into a Dog (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Song About a Bitch (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Krysakov and the Two Puppies (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
The Bulldog and the Weiner Dog (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
The Diary of Mikki Fox (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
To Kachalov's Dog (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Kind Treatment of Horses (19: Horse Power)
Caligula's Horse (19: Horse Power)
The Little Hump-Backed Horse (19: Horse Power)
After the Ball (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Tolstoy the Didact (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Tolstoy the Outrageous (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Petya's Fugue (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Natasha at the Opera (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
The Cossacks (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Fanfaronov's Mountain (The Ant Brothers) (20: Tolstoy Bilingual)
Spiders (21: Dark and Scary)
Hippo-po-poem (21: Dark and Scary)
ScrubbleDub (21: Dark and Scary)
Inventory of Things Left Behind (23: Women Writing)
My City Now is Drowsing (25: Storied Moscow)
Midnight Trolley (25: Storied Moscow)
The Past's Dead and Gone (25: Storied Moscow)
Greetings, Your Majesty (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Murderer (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
A Swedish Spy (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Irony and its Allies (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
The Freedom of the Artist (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
A Great Honor (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
On Tverskoy Boulevard (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
The Power of Art (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Genius (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
War and its Aftermath (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
The Mouse (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Love for Places (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Love for Life and Humanity (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Eternal Love (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Love for Women (31: Okudzhava Bilingual)
Silver Night (32: Musical Writing)
Song Short as Life (32: Musical Writing)
My Beauty, Do Not Sing to Me (32: Musical Writing)
Chords (32: Musical Writing)
Inevitably, Music (32: Musical Writing)
A Meditation (34: Treasure Hunting)
The Squirrel (34: Treasure Hunting)
The Rooster and the Pearl (34: Treasure Hunting)
Now, I, who once was proud and haughty (35: Gypsies)
Autumn at Tsarskoye Selo (40: Fall)
Leaves Have Withered (40: Fall)

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