Liv Bliss

LIV BLISS lives in the White Mountains of Arizona with her husband, Jim, and an assortment of far wilder creatures. She translates the Taylor & Francis quarterlies Russian Studies in Literature and Russian Studies in History. Her most recent long-fiction translation, Dmitry Chen’s The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas, was published by Russian Information Services in 2013.


Telling Fortunes (November/December 2021)
The Heat (September/October 2021)
Moscow's Modernist Marvel (September/October 2021)
Kvass (July/August 2021)
The Post Office (May/June 2021)
A People on the Brink (March/April 2021)
A Stove Named Yerofeyevich (January/February 2021)
Restoring the Future (January/February 2021)
Goa and Greenhouses (November/December 2020)
Life is Just a Bowl of... Raspberries? (September/October 2020)
Life in Isolation (September/October 2020)
The Thimble (July/August 2020)
The Patty Shop (January/February 2020)
Grandpa Cuckoo (November/December 2019)
Lyonushka and Ruble Bill (September/October 2019)
Nikolayev's Birthday (July/August 2019)
Someone Else's Granny (May/June 2019)
A Winter's Tale (mostly about valenki) (January/February 2019)
People's Court (November/December 2018)
Two Fishing Tales (September/October 2018)
Avdotya and the District Medic (May/June 2018)
Cats in the Fridge (January/February 2018)
Bath Day in Sheshurino (September/October 2017)
Raspberry Beetles (July/August 2017)
Revolution for Tiny Tots (The Blog)
Nikolayev and Lyuska (March/April 2017)
A Forest Terem (May/June 2015)
The Mail Troika (March/April 2012)
Return to Ithaca (15: Summer)
The Cloud Catcher (14: Provincial Life)
The Port at Vanino (09: Beyond the Urals)
Prophetic Strings, Their Fiery Sound (09: Beyond the Urals)
Missive to Siberia (09: Beyond the Urals)
For the Thunderous Valor of Ages to Be (09: Beyond the Urals)
The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas (18: Other Worlds)
Bracelet II (19: Horse Power)
The Parrot (29: Leningrad Under Seige)
Feminist Titles (November/December 2020)

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