Ivan Bunin

IVAN BUNIN (1870-1953) was Russia's first Nobel Laureate for literature (1933). His writing is richly textured and evocative of a more prosaic, humane, prerevolutionary era. A friend of Anton Chekhov, Bunin worked for a time in Kharkov as a government clerk and editor, did translations from English, and wrote his short stories, by the turn of the century becoming recognized as one of Russia's greatest living writers. He lived in emigration from 1919 to his death in Paris in 1953.


Sunstroke (13: Luck)
Chekhov (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
Loneliness (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Chang's Dreams (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Un Petit Accident (26: Springtime in Paris)
In Paris (26: Springtime in Paris)
The Cold Fall (27: The War to End All)
Antonov Apples (40: Fall)

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