Darra Goldstein

Darra Goldstein is author of the cookbooks A Taste of Russia, The Georgian Feast, and The Winter Vegetarian, and Editor of the quarterly magazine Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture. As if all that were not enough, Goldstein is Professor of Russian at Williams College and widely considered to be a leading authority on Russian cooking and culinary arts. She has been the magazine's food editor since 2003.


A Prowess-Testing Pie (September/October 2016)
A Sumptuous Feast (May/June 2016)
Salt and Loathing in St. Petersburg (The Blog)
A Bear's Feast (January/February 2016)
How the Upper Crust Dined (September/October 2015)
A Classic Treat (May/June 2015)
May the Borshch Be With You! (January/February 2015)
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Instinct for Preservation (July/August 2014)
Volga River Mousse (May/June 2014)
Pies to Brighten Bleak Winter Days (March/April 2014)
7 Myths About Russian Cuisine (The Blog)
Dine Like a Pomor (January/February 2014)
A Mythical Dessert (November/December 2013)
A Bounty of Apples (September/October 2013)
Some Like it Cold (July/August 2013)
World's Greatest Cheesecake (May/June 2013)
The Secret of Little Bites (March/April 2013)
A Vessel of Significance (November/December 2012)
For the Love of Currants (September/October 2012)
Collective Vision (July/August 2012)
A Magic Tablecloth (May/June 2012)
Tea-Drinking Trinity (March/April 2012)
A Soup for Seminarians (January/February 2012)
For the Love of Ice Cream (November/December 2011)
Soviet Fast Food (September/October 2011)
A Russo-German Libation (July/August 2011)
The All-Important Tavern (May/June 2011)
Poetry to Sweeten the Sale (March/April 2011)
Angels in the Kitchen (January/February 2011)
Vodka with a Kiss (November/December 2010)
Still Life with Beets (September/October 2010)
The Tractor Drivers' Supper (July/August 2010)
Organic Containers (May/June 2010)
Lunch in Ages Past (March/April 2010)
Feasting with Angels (January/February 2010)
TableTop Agitprop (November/December 2009)
Southern Comforts (September/October 2009)
Farm Preserves (July/August 2009)
Meals from the Heart (May/June 2009)
Going Green in St. Petersburg (March/April 2009)
The Hunger Artist (March/April 2009)
Cookies for Carolers (January/February 2009)
Proletarian Delights (November/December 2008)
Simple Gifts (September/October 2008)
Olga's Ferment (July/August 2008)
Russian Food With a Twist (May/June 2008)
Of Tatyana, Comets and Champagne (January/February 2008)
Mojitos in Moscow (November/December 2007)
Space Food (Sept/Oct 2007)
Culinary Detente (July/August 2007)
A Pie Filled With Nostalgia (May/June 2007)
Nikel Tarts (March/April 2007)
Please to the Internet! (January/February 2007)
A Taste of the Wild (November/December 2006)
The Soviet Table (September/October 2006)
The Stuff of Folk Songs (July/August 2006)
Frittering Away the Harvest (May/June 2006)
Of Bees and Cabbage Pie (March/April 2006)
A Soup for the New Year (January/February 2006)
Food on the Run (November/December 2005)
Scratch Russian Cuisine (September/October 2005)
Train Fare (July/August 2005)
Fungi are Friends (May/June 2005)
Tasty and Healthy (March/April 2005)
Tolstoy's Table (January/February 2005)
Nutcracker Sweet (November/December 2004)
Lenten Beef (September/October 2004)
Kremlin Cookery Secrets (May/Jun 2004)
The Soup of Life (March/April 2004)
Daily Bread (January/February 2004)
Tolkuchka in Turkmenistan (November/December 2003)
Pickle This! (September/October 2003)
It's Berry Time (July/August 2003)
An Aristocratic Appetizer (May/June 2003)
A Gogol for the 20th Century (March/April 2003)
Midwinter Fish Fest (March/April 2003)
A Honey of a Winter Drink (January/February 2003)
A Sweet Holiday Treat ... From Wheat (November/December 2002)
Summer Sorrel Shchi (May/June 2002)
Hold the smetana! (December 1996)
Birch (March/April 2020)

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