Anton Chekhov

ANTON CHEKHOV (1860-1904) was a doctor, a playwright and a prolific master of the short story (having written over 400 by the time he was 26). His stories are often ironic observations on human nature that seem simple on the surface, yet hide deep veins of human emotion.


Dr. Anton Chekhov and the Typhus Epidemic (The Blog)
The Beauties (March/April 2020)
Bliny (The Blog)
Ionich (14: Provincial Life)
Joy (13: Luck)
About Love (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
Gooseberries (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
The Main in a Case (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
The Seagull (excerpt) (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
The Student (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
A Foolish Frenchman (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
A Horsey Name (12: Chekhov Bilingual)
New Dacha (11: Dacha Life)
Dachniki (in Russian) (11: Dacha Life)
Dachniki (11: Dacha Life)
The Bride (10: Hope Dies Last)
From Siberia (09: Beyond the Urals)
A Little Joke (08: Love a la Russe)
Chekhov Complete On-line Texts (The Blog)
Sakhalin Island (03: On the Road)
The Dear Dog (01: The Hearts of Dogs)
Three Stories for Maslenitsa (February 1996)
Lights (28: Superfluous Men)
Rothschild's Fiddle (32: Musical Writing)
Happiness (38: Happiness)
Gooseberries (38: Happiness)
In Autumn (40: Fall)

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