Alexei Bayer

Alexei Bayer is a New York-based author and translator. He writes in English and in Russian, his native tongue, and translates into both languages. His translations have appeared in Readings and Words Without Borders, as well as in such collections as The Wall in My Head, and Life Stories. His three mystery novels, Murder at the Dacha, The Latchkey Murders, and Murder and the Muse are published by Russian Life Books.


Grandpa Lenin and General Lee (The Blog)
Russia's Greatest Crime Novel (The Blog)
The Grandmaster (March/April 2015)
Enhanced Interrogation, Soviet Style (The Blog)
Parley with a Gangster (The Blog)
Stranger on a Train (The Blog)
Saving Lives (July/August 2014)
Wasp's Nest (13: Luck)
Mortal Sin (11: Dacha Life)
After the Crisis (March/April 2009)
Meat (18: Other Worlds)
The New World Order (22: Spies and Imposters)
A Face of Soviet Intelligence (22: Spies and Imposters)
Lying Undercover (22: Spies and Imposters)
In Crimea (33: Military Tales)
Thieves (35: Gypsies)
Introduction (35: Gypsies)


Red Square (January/February 2015)
Faith and Humor (16: Wisdom and Wit)
Shards of a Mirror (11: Dacha Life)
Life in Zvanka (11: Dacha Life)
The Tale of Russian Sailor Vasily Koriotsky (10: Hope Dies Last)
Moscow to Vladivostok (September/October 2009)
Of the Frailty of the Flesh (07: To the Caucasus)
Imprisoned in Hell (07: To the Caucasus)
Joan (04: Childhood)
PKHENTS (22: Spies and Imposters)
Early Spy Films: The Stalin Era (22: Spies and Imposters)
The Wrighting Fraternity (29: Leningrad Under Seige)
Diaries (29: Leningrad Under Seige)
Gypsies Behind Bars (35: Gypsies)
O, Manon! (35: Gypsies)
Gypsy Singing and the Cultural Landscape (35: Gypsies)

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