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Marina Marshenkulova

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Marina Marshenkulova was born in Zaukovo, in Russia’s southern Kabardino-Balkarian republic. She was a FLEX program exchange student and graduated from high school in the US. She has an MA degree in Philology and TESL, and received a Fulbright to pursue a master’s in journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After working for a time as an editor on the paper Sovetskaya Molodezh in Nalchik, she moved to Moscow, where she now works as an English teacher, and as a freelance writer for The Moscow Times and other publications.

Himalayan Dreams

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2015
Why are there so many Russian expats in India? Why do they come here and why, more importantly, do they stay?
Author: Marina Marshenkulova

Stealing Brides

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2015
The Caucasus is a region rich in tradition and often impenetrable to outside understanding. The modernized ritual of “bride kidnapping” is a case in point; we asked a local journalist to guide us.
Author: Marina Marshenkulova
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

The Lure of Elbrus

Russian Life: May/June 2013
Each year, thousands of hikers are drawn to the Caucasus, convinced it will be no problem to scale Europe’s highest peak. After all, it’s only 18,510 feet, and a rail car can take you up to the base camp at 12,500 feet. But Elbrus is a devious mountain.
Author: Marina Marshenkulova
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