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Donald Dewey

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Donald Dewey has published 25 books of fiction and non-fiction, as well as had some 30 of his plays staged in the United States and Europe. His newest book, True and False: The Story of American Political Cartooning, was published by New York University Press. His literary awards include those named after Nelson Algren and Tennessee Williams. He has also been a prize-winning magazine editor.

Stanislavsky at 150

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2013
Actor and director Konstantin Stanislavsky, born a century and a half ago this month, probably had more impact on twentieth century theater, movies and acting than any single individual.
Author: Donald Dewey
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Drawing Russia

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2006
A century and a half ago, stereotypes of Russia were first being formed in the American media – in political cartoons.
Author: Donald Dewey
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East Meets West on the Silver Screen

Russian Life: Dec/Jan 1999
A fascinating exploration of the links between Hollywood and the Russian film industry.
Author: Donald Dewey