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Vasily Latenko

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Vasily Latenko Vasily Latenko was born in Estonia and studied journalism in St. Petersburg, where he now lives and works, writing for several local and national publications. He also has been a lifelong sports enthusiast, starting to play soccer at 7 and training at sport shooting since he was 14. Vasily has worked as a sports correspondent for Novosti Peterburga. In 2003, he wrote a series of articles for that paper about St. Petersburgers climbing Mount Everest. Vasily said he solved the problem of providing illustrations for his articles when he married photographer Ekaterina Kuzmina.

Two Cities: A Tale

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2004
On Russia’s western frontier, two cities straddle an international border that is less than 15 years old.
Author: Vasily Latenko
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Looking for Athenian Gold

Russian Life: Jul/Aug 2004
Olympic fever is coming! Russia’s team is strong, diverse and well-placed to excel in this summer’s medal race.
Author: Vasily Latenko
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The Invisible Statue

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2004
In St. Petersburg, every alley and cornice has a history. And the Admiralty, central to the city’s history for three centuries, has plenty of stories to tell. Here is just one.
Author: Vasily Latenko

(Very) Old Ladoga

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2003
It was, for a time (a millenium or so ago) Russia's capital. But that title passed to another, helping to preserve a bit of the history of this idyllic, 1250-year-old northern town.
Authors: Vasily Latenko and Lev Lurie
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