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Karina Klimenko

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Karina Klimenko Born in Chelyabinsk, a city in the Ural Mountains, KARINA KLIMENKO always felt more at home outside the industrial landscape. She says she writes to “investigate” what inspires people, be it singing, sailing, building ships or climbing mountains. She has a degree in Regional European Studies and studiened journalism in Germany. She contributes as a freelance journalist to a number of publications and specializes in cultural anthropology, traditional culture and its impact on modern life.

Defending Sevastopol

Russian Life: May/June 2010
Where we visit this most Russian of cities on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. Vibrant, sun-drenched Sevastopol suffered under two horrific sieges in its recent history. Is a third underway?
Author: Karina Klimenko
Illustrations/Images: Andrei Gusachenko
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Warm Music of Uryanhai

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2009
The mountainous, remote region of Tuva tends to be known for just two things:?postage stamps and throat singing. We take up the latter in our visit with four internationally renowned throat singers from Tuva, to find out what makes them tick... and sing.
Author: Karina Klimenko
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