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Steve Boulay

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Steve Boulay has been collecting antique maps of Russia for nearly 20 years. A Russophile since his student days at Colgate University, Boulay discovered map collecting while visiting a map store in New York City. There he happened upon a 350-year-old map that "conveyed an entire book worth of Russian history in one striking and lovely image." He bought the map and, from that moment forward, was hooked. Aside from his interest in maps, Steve is the founder of East Winds Records, which released seven albums by Russian and Eastern European Jazz artists in the heady days following Gorbachev's ascent to power. For his day job, Steve has presented several North American tours of Russian groups, including The Ganelin Trio, Sergei Kuryokhin, Aziza Mustafa-Zade, Igor Brill, The Kirov Ballet, Van Cliburn and the Moscow Philharmonic, and the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus.

Mapping Russia

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2004
A map can be such a vivid, descriptive portal into a nation’s history. We asked a map collector and Russophile to share with us some of the most interesting historic maps of Russia.
Author: Steve Boulay