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Masha Nordbye

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Masha Nordbye Masha Nordbye is a writer and TV documentary producer/director who has journeyed throughout more than 100 countries. She has worked throughout Russia over the past 25 years. Her introduction to the Russian circus came in 1987, when she helped produce a National Geographic special on it. She has been merrily involved with the Russian circus ever since. Her 650-page travel book, Moscow, St. Petersburg & The Golden Ring was published by Odyssey. When not filming documentaries, Masha takes trapeze lessons from circus masters in California, where she lives.

The Siberian Tea Road

Russian Life: May/June 2013
The Great Siberian Tea Road, a historic and legendary route that once connected China and Siberia with European Russia, was one of the world’s longest trade arteries. We retrace its path, geographically and culturally.
Author: Masha Nordbye
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The Unhappiest Country

Russian Life: Jul/Aug 2005
Some say that Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, is the unhappiest place on Earth. Or is it?
Author: Masha Nordbye
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The Magical World of the Russian Circus

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2004
It is the world's largest circus organization and one of its oldest. We asked a noted circus-phile to take us behind the flaps of Russia's Big Top, to look at the fascinating history of this 210-year-old institution.
Author: Masha Nordbye
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