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Marina Nikolaeva

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Marina Nikolaeva Marina Nikolaevais a freelance journalist who is in frequent contact with the proud Pskov "diaspora" in St. Petersburg and travels to Pskov often, to soak in the city's rich history and visit with friends.

Pskov (and Pskovians)

Russian Life: July/Aug 2003
An arranged marriage put Pskov on the map (or so the Chronicle says). But, since then, for 1100 years, Pskov has been an important crossroads between Russia and Europe. For a millenium, Pskov has withstood countless attacks and seiges, while facilitating trade and commerce. Its biggest challenge today is integrating with the wider world, while preserving a hold on its historic past.
Author: Marina Nikolaeva

Eat Like a Prole

Russian Life: May/June 2003
The Birthplace of the Revolution is striving to once again become a part of Europe. But some legacies of the Soviet era just do not want to wither away. Like these distinctly proletarian eateries.
Author: Marina Nikolaeva