Name: Ekaterina Razina

Age: 28

Profession: Photographer

City: Bryansk, Dyat'kovo (both in Bryansk region)

How long have you been doing photography? What style or genre most interests you? I am a professional wedding photographer, and started shooting while I was still in school. I prefer the genres: portrait, industrial landscape, and event atmospheric reportage.

Can you give us a short description of your city? Where is it located? What is it famous for? Bryansk is a city and the administrative center of Bryansk region, located 379 kilometers (235 mi) southwest of Moscow; it recently celebrated its 1031 anniversary. In ancient times, the Vyatichi – warlike tribes, lived on the banks of the Desna river. The legendary bogatyr Peresvet, who killed the Tatar warrior Chelubey in the Battle of Kulikovo, was born here. Our wild forests also preserve the history of the Bryansk Partisans in great Patriotic war.

Today's Bryansk is an important center for steel and machinery manufacturing, and is home to many large factories. The main industries are machine building, metalworking, chemical, electrical equipment, electronics, wood, textile and food industries, locomotives, diesel engines, freight cars, motor graders, pavers and other road equipment, agricultural equipment, construction materials, and garments. The population of Bryansk is about 430,000. The city has different shopping centres, theatres, cinemas and all sorts of modern entertainment.

What is something about your city that only locals would know? Places in Bryansk region have some unofficial names, like The Great Wall of China, Mexico, and even... Isengard and the Field of Miracles. Only in Bryansk can ask the bus driver to return you to 'The Motherland' ('Rodina'), or 'The Dream' ('Mechta') and actually get on the bus with the inscription 'THE JET' ('Samolyot').

People in Bryansk pronounced their g's like 'gh', just like Belarusians or Ukrainians.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your city? 

Bryansk: The Mound of Immortality like in Central Park Solovyi ('The nightingales'). This earthen embankment is 12 meters high and is topped with an 18-meter-high star. Bryansk citizens brought the earth here to build this colossal monument. A time capsule with a letter to people in the future is hidden beneath the Mound. It will be opened in 2017, 50 years from when it was placed there. 

Dyatkovo: Visit the Eighth Wonder of the World – the world's singular crystal iconostasis in the Church of The Burning Bush Icon. The iconostasis weighs seven tons and was made in Dyatkovo Crystal Factory, founded by the noblewoman Maria Maltsova in 1790.


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