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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Name: Irina Yemets

Age: 37

Profession: Documentary photographer

City: Kostroma

How long have you been doing photography? What type of photography most interests you? Since 2012. Documentary photography and portraits.

Your website?

Instagram? iraemets

Can you give us a short description of your city? Kostroma was founded in 1152 and is situated on the banks of the Volga River. It is part of the Golden Ring tourist route and was the hometown of the Romanov family. Kostroma is the only city in Russia where historical buildings are preserved in the first three blocks of the city center. Kostroma is also the hometown of Snegurochka, the granddaughter of Father Frost, and it is the jewelry capital of Russia: 56 percent of all gold or silver jewelry is made here. The city is also famous for its cheese. 

What is something about your area that only locals would know? (1) All residents of Kostroma know the shortcut to Moscow. It's the one that Ivan Susanin showed the Poles. (2) If you don't have anywhere to stay, the residents of the Kostroma shelter will let you stay in their boiler room.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your area? The Ipatyevsky Monastery and Anastasinsky Convent; the Museum of Wooden Architecture, where they have brought in from all over the region wooden houses belonging to all levels of society, from a peasant's house to the house of a landowner, to a wooden church built in 1713; the Church of the Resurrection on the Debra River; the trading rows which have been standing since 1789; the Noble Assembly and Romanov Museum; one of Russia's first drama theaters; Ostrovsky's alcover on the city embankment; Snegurochka's House; the Flax Museum; the Museum of Theatrical Costumes; the Museum of the Foreign City Leader; the city's market, where farmers, antique dealers and others gather from all over the region.

  • Kids

    Dema Bilan, a Russian celebrity, visited our city. He invited kids with autism into his dressing room. Sasha, pictured, longed for it more than anyone – he was peeping through the hole onto the stage, shuddering when he heard footsteps. Tasya was starving and was weeping "Dema, help me." Lyosha was anxious and thought that everyone would have a stroke when Dema appeared. Vanya put his finger into the hole and it got stuck. Tanya knew all the lyrics by heart. 

    Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Shop

    Art Store in the Pryanichniy Trading Rows (the so-called Gingerbread Rows). At his dacha, my father makes rag rugs. He cuts up pieces of cloth that he hates to throw away, puts them into colourful balls and in one evening he makes a homey colourful rug, stitching it together with a needle. You can buy similar rugs in Kostroma as well as birchbark boxes, wooden spoons, matryoshka dolls, clayware, linen shirts and many other things. Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Pies

    Pies in Russia express hospitality and depth of the Russian soul. By tradition, pies are made on Sundays when all routine duties are done and everyone in the family can gather at the dining table. Secret recipes are passed from generation to generation. These are pies for a holiday celebration.

    Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Banya

    Sergey goes to the banya every weekend. Sometimes he goes with friends but mostly he goes alone. "It's quieter and I am able to think about what has happened during the week, to settle my mind. My inner world is in peace and quiet, so to say. My wife makes me mint tea with honey, which I bring in a thermos. I always buy an evergreen branch for lashing myself."

    Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Baptism

    Andrey puts a crucifix necklace on his goddaughter during her baptism. At the St. John the Theologian Church.

    Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Fish

    Grand Molochny (Milkwater) Trading Rows. If you arrive in Kostroma without a rod or net, no need to worry. There are two ways out. . First, I can point you to a street with a shop where you can buy anything from a boat to a worm. Second, there is this street where you can buy any freshwater fish you like.

    Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Ice Fishing

    Fishing on the Volga River near Ipatiev Monastery. "During my holiday I fish every day," the fellow says. "I get up early so that I am at the river by 6. Today nothing is biting and I have only managed to catch a few skimmer beams. I am heading home. On the weekend I caught a break: 2 kilos worth!"

    Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Dressing

    Getting dressed in the morning. Ira Emets @iraemets

  • Dancers

    Guys from the Agricultural Academy prepare to dance for children with disabilities.

    Ira Emets @iraemets

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