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17 December 2018

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Name: Tatiana Solovyova

Age: 37

Profession: Photojournalist

City: Kolomna

How long have you been doing photography? About 9 years. I am interested in documentary photography.

Your Instagram? @t_solovyeva

Can you give us a short description of your city? Kolomna is a city in Moscow Oblast and sits at the confluence of three rivers: Moscow, Oka and Kolomenka. The city is famous for its kremlin, which in 2013 became one of the symbols of Russia.

What is something about your area that only locals would know? On the territory of the kremlin is Marinkin's Tower, where according to legend is where Marina Mnishek (wife of two False Dmitrys) was imprisoned, before turning into a crow and flying out through the window. To this day, Mnishek's grave has never been located. 

It is rumored that there is a tunnel that connects Bobrenevsky Monastery and Staro-Golutvinsky Convent.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your area? The Kolomna kremlin and museum, the pastille factory and museum, the Kalach Museum (a kalach is an old style of bread), the extensive system of Kolomna trams, Kuznechnaya sloboda (iron workers' settlement), monasteries, and other historical monuments.

  • Beach

    This beach on the bank of Kolomna River was officially closed for 12 years due to the horrible condition of the water. But it has been renovated by the city at the cost of 700 thousand rubles. From the beach one can take in the beautiful sight of Marinkina Tower. This tower has an interesting legend, connected with the name of the beautiful Marina Mnishek, the wife of two False Dmitrys, who wanted to become a Russian queen. She was imprisoned in Marinkina Tower, but then mystically disappeared from it. People said she  was a kind of witch, who turned a black crow and flew away through a small tower windowr. Since that time, people see a huge black bird flying over Marinkina Tower. Tatiana Solovyova

  • Guard

    Lazhechnikova Street and its constant guard Vladimir Ivanovich Starikov, who has been playing the role of a nineteenth century policeman here for eight years. When he was offered the post, he didn't say anything to his relatives. His wife saw him just by chance and was astonished. Gradually she got used to her husband's popularity, but is now trying to persuade him to leave the post, due to his advanced age. But Vladimir Ivanovich can't imagine his life without his work; the booth has become his second home. He doesn't fear frost and heat, and he likes meeting new, interesting people. He may have his photos taken with 15-20 tourists a day; he is easily recognizable from his bronze face and gorgeous mustache. 

    Tatiana Solovyova

  • Alexei

    For working out in Kolomna there are two specialized areas - in the central Park Mira and near the Skating Center. But Alexei Zhuravlev prefers a former military training area where there is still some sports equipment. He trains every day for about 2-3 hours. Workout competitions are held in Moscow. Alexei received silver and bronze medals in the gymbar category in the most recent Russian Championship.
    Tatiana Solovyova

  • Rita

    Rita, who live in the old part of town, takes her pets for a walk every day. Her goats Muze & Anechka were very hungry and ate all these leaves from the bushes while I was asking their names. Rita is fond of raising goats and poultry. Her home business gives her an income, as goat milk and milk products are healthy and popular. But Rita doesn't want to open an office or a shop - she thinks it to be too expensive and unprofitable. Tatiana Solovyova

  • Sculptor

    Very talented people live in Kolomna. Sculptor Vladimir Zamalin worked as an architect and his hobby was wood carving. But wood is an expensive material for a pensioner, so now Vladimir makes his sculptures with styrofoam. For six years he has been making life-size figures of animals. Each sculpture takes about a month. The giraffe is the largest figure in Zamalin's garden - it's 5 meters high. Nearby are white bears, camel, zebra, penguin... The sculptor also makes figures of people: especially he's interested in making figures of famous people. Pushkin is already standing in his arbor, Stalin and Lenin are coming soon.
    Tatiana Solovyova

  • Dolls

    Many people know this house in Kolomna, though it is situated in the suburbs. It's impossible to pass it by: it is a true doll kingdom. And its queen is Margarita Lvovna Travkina, who has for many years collected dolls. She didn't intend to collect them until one day she saw a doll's legs sticking out of a garbage pail... Her soul couldn't pass it by, and she carried the doll home. There she washed it, brushed its hair and refurbished it. To this day she continues to collect and repair damaged toys. People bring old toys in various conditions, and she gives them a new life. Margarita Lvovna has two sons, grandchildren and a great grandson Vanechka. But she would also like a little girl, who would like to play with all these dolls...

    Tatiana Solovyova

  • Passage

    Not far from Kolomna Kremlin, is the town's only underground passage . Not a lot of people go through it, especially in winter, when the steps of the passage are covered with ice. It's more convenient to run across the street - but dangerous because of heavy traffic. All year round a lot of small shops are open in the passage. They sell glasses, pet food, sweets, icons, jewelry and other goods. But the shop selling shawarma is the most interesting. The smell is so tasty!
    Tatiana Solovyova

  • Kremlin Day

    Celebration of the Day of Slavic written language and culture near the Kremlin wall. Tatiana Solovyova