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Álvaro Laiz

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Álvaro Laiz is an award-winning photographer whose work focuses on realities ignored by mass media. He sees photography as a tool that allows civil society in post-conflict zones to be heard. His work has been published in The New York Times, Forbes, National Geographic, The Sunday Times and many others.

Those Who Return

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2016
They left Russia in droves after the Revolution, now some Old Believers whose ancestors put down roots in South America are returning to live in the Russian Far East.
Author: Álvaro Laiz
Translator: Sarah Richardson
Illustrations/Images: Álvaro Laiz

The Hunt

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2016
According to an Udege proverb, “If you see a tiger for one second, he has been watching you for an hour.” And what happens if one unwittingly unleashes a tiger’s bad side? You must, the Udege believe, hunt down and kill the tiger – not an easy thing.
Author: Álvaro Laiz
Illustrations/Images: Álvaro Laiz