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Evgenia Shcheglova

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Evgenia Shcheglova was born in Leningrad in 1951 and has emerged as a leading literary critic in St. Petersburg. Her frequent essays and reviews of contemporary Russian literature have been published in many of the country’s leading journals, including Zvezda and Novy Mir. An active proponent of the literary community, Evgenia is a member of the Writers’ Union of St. Petersburg and serves as Chief Editor of publications at the Russian Institute of Art History.

A Truly Unique Person

Chtenia: Winter 2015
A short essay recounting the author's friendship with Lydia Budogoskaya, a little known yet famous Russian writer who was gifted and uncommonly humble.
Author: Evgenia Shcheglova
Translator: Eugenia Sokolskaya

My Petersburgers

Chtenia: Winter 2015
Some intelligent people are conscientious. Often this causes them intolerable suffering...
Author: Evgenia Shcheglova
Translator: Olga Kuzmina