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Irina Odoyevtseva

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IRINA ODOYEVTSEVA (pseudonym of Iraida Heinike, 1895-1990) was a poet, writer, and memoirist, as well as muse of her husband, the poet Georgy Ivanov. She achieved fame as a poet when she was a student at Nikolai Gumilev’s second Guild of Poets. She had a carefully crafted public image as "a little poetess with a huge bow" who would come up on stage and, in a lisping voice, read brutal ballads about murder and starvation. She began writing prose in emigration, but is now remembered chiefly for her two books of closely observed and beautifully written memoirs about poets and writers of the Silver Age, first in St. Petersburg right after the Revolution (On the Banks of the Neva [1967]) and then in Paris, between the wars (On the Banks of the Seine [1981]). She began to write a third book of memoirs, On the Banks of Lethe, but died before she could complete it.

On the Banks of the Seine

Chtenia: Spring 2014
A telling memoir of life in Paris for Russians in the 1920s and 1930s.
Author: Irina Odoyevtseva
Translator: Maria Bloshteyn