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Daniel O’Carroll

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Daniel O’Carroll is a pen name taken in honor of “a man of wonderful courage” by a grateful grand-nephew. Daniel O’Carroll taught both Irish language and mathematics for Dublin’s Jesuits. He was best known in Ireland for several “hair-breadth” escapes while working for the cause on Dublin’s Dorset Street. He later moved to Australia for health reasons, where he continued to pursue his lifelong interests in language and politics. He died of tuberculosis as a young man, on Christmas Day, 1924.

A Visit

Chtenia: Winter 2014
In this hilarious bit of rhyming prose, one of Russia's most prolific and interesting modern writers offers a sendup of the propiska system. Presented in bilingual format, with Russian and English on facing pages.
Author: Dmitry Bykov
Translator: Daniel O’Carroll

The Moscow Eccentric

Chtenia: Winter 2014
A fascinating look at life in post-revolutionary Moscow, in this never-before-translated excerpt from Bely's little known novel about the capital. All the more amazing for the fact that it is written (and translated) in metered prose. Presented here in our bilingual format (English and Russian on facing pages)
Author: Andrei Bely
Translator: Daniel O’Carroll