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Julia Naberezhnaya

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Julia Naberezhnaya Julia Naberezhnaya was born in Sochi and lives there to this day. Since childhood, she has loved her city and the amazing nature that surrounds it. She is an ecologist by profession and works at the Sochi Division of the Russian Geographical Society, where she is mainly involved in conservation, but also in development of eco-tourism and protecting the region’s biodiversity. She regularly organizes and lead trips and expeditions (including film shoots) into the area’s mountains.

Beyond the Games

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2014
After the games are over and the crowds have gone home, Sochi will still be Sochi. We look at what this Black Sea resort has to offer visitors beyond Olympic wonders.
Authors: Mikhail Plotnikov and Julia Naberezhnaya
Translator: Paul E. Richardson