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Will Swagel

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Will Swagel Will Swagel has lived in Sitka since 1982. He reported for Sitka's local public radio station and daily newspaper until 1993. He has written about Alaska for The New York Times, Barron's, Alaska Magazine, Alaska Business Monthly and many other publications. In 1988, Swagel was one of a handful of reporters invited to Vladivostok, some of the first journalists to mingle with residents since Stalin banned foreigners from the city in the 1930's. He has two grown daughters, one wife and five cats.

Russian Sitka

Russian Life: July/August 2007
Nestled between the mountains and the sea, this unassuming harbor town was for sixty years the capital of Russian America. Today, 140 years on, there is still a strong Russian imprint in this former colonial outpost.
Author: Will Swagel
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