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Olga Kuzmina

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Olga Kuzmina Olga Kuzmina is the managing editor of Chtenia. A Moscow native, she graduated from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill with degrees in Political Science and Slavic Language and Culture. She now lives in Washington, DC, where she works as a researcher on U.S.-Russia relations. She was shortlisted for the Rossica Young Translators Award in 2012.

Final Words

Chtenia: Fall 2017
An introduction to our final issue.
Author: Olga Kuzmina

Ivan Sergeyevich

Chtenia: Summer 2017
An introduction to this bilingual issue on one of Russia's finest prose artists.
Author: Olga Kuzmina

On the Happiest Time of Life

Chtenia: Spring 2017
It is the middle ages in life that are the most likely to be the happiest.
Author: Nikolai Karamzin
Translator: Olga Kuzmina

To An Unknown Friend

Chtenia: Spring 2017
A short, eloquent piece on happiness, presented bilingually.
Author: Mikhail Prishvin
Translator: Olga Kuzmina

The Lens of History

Chtenia: Winter 2017
1917 was a turning point – in history, and in literature. That is what this issue is all about.
Authors: Paul E. Richardson and Olga Kuzmina

Bulgakov at 125

Chtenia: Fall 2016

Author: Olga Kuzmina

The Enchanted Wanderer

Chtenia: Summer 2016

Author: Nikolai Leskov
Translator: A.P. Paschkoff and Olga Kuzmina

The Man with the Monocle

Russian Life: May/June 2016
This May is the 125th birthday of one of the greatest of Russian writers. Unfortunately, he saw little of his fame during his lifetime.
Author: Olga Kuzmina


Chtenia: Spring 2016
One man's trash is another's treasure.
Author: Oleg Korionov
Translator: Olga Kuzmina

If You Can, Turn Around

Chtenia: Winter 2015
In which the author reminisces about his time spent with Brodsky, while the latter was sent to exile in the North.
Author: Konstantin Azadovsky
Translator: Olga Kuzmina