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Yulia Yuzik

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Yulia Yuzik is a journalist and writer and the author of Brides of Allah, a book on Chechen female suicide bombers, which has been published in 10 countries, as well as Beslan Dictionary, which has been published in France, Italy and Germany. She has been working in the Caucasus for over 10 years and has written for GQ and Foreign Policy, on Chechnya, the Caucasus and terrorism. She is currently working on a book that is at once a collection of travel notes and a look at the mechanism whereby suicide bombers are created. It will describe in detail the methods that terrorists use to transform normal individuals into suicide bombers.

Prisoner of the Caucasus

Chtenia: Summer 2013
Excerpt from a longer unpublished work about a writer trying to reconcile her awe for the Caucasus with her disgust for its female terrorists.
Author: Yulia Yuzik
Translator: Deborah Hoffman
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