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Sandra Reddin

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Sandra Reddin Sandra Reddin grew up in Kent and now lives on a canal boat in London. She studied Russian and English at the University of Westminster and graduated in 1992. After living abroad for many years, including spells in Russia, she returned to London and began working as a photographer. Sandra’s images have been used for various publications and illustrations including Open Democracy and Russian Life. A seven year project photographing pilgrimages in Russia will soon be published by Routlege under the title The Re-enchantment of Russia:Post Soviet Pilgrimage & the Making of Sacred Space (Author: Dr. Stella Rock).

Peter's Ship

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2016
Fifteen years after the new Shtandart launched, boat builders on Solovetsky created a replica of an even older ship: the first Russian naval ship built on Russian soil, in 1693.
Author: Sandra Reddin
Illustrations/Images: Sandra Reddin

Russia on the March

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2010
In recent years, a resurgent interest in religious pilgrimages has swept through Russia. Stella Rock joined 20,000 Russians on a 150-kilometer journey through Kirov region and brought back this story.
Author: Stella Rock
Illustrations/Images: Sandra Reddin
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