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Dmitry Vinogradov

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Dmitry Vinogradov DMITRY VINOGRADOV was born on the borders of what was at that time the USSR, in the Altai Kray. He studied history at Novosibirsk University, beginning to work as a political journalist and observer for the local press while still in school. Later, he began working with Moscow media outlets, as their stringer in Siberia. In 2006 he moved to Moscow, working first at the politics desk of the internet publication, ten as a special correspondent for the magazine Russian Reporter (Russky Reporter). He prefers to write on social issues, about the lives of ordinary people.

Involuntary Parenthood

Russian Life: July/Aug 2010
During the recent controversy about American adoption of Russian orphans, we learned of a small Russian village that is using adoption as a way to save its school, and perhaps even its way of life. This is their story.
Author: Dmitry Vinogradov
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
Illustrations/Images: Olga Ivanova
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