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Anna Dymkovets

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Anna Dymkovets ANNA DYMKOVETS has written for Parlamentskaya Gazeta, Gazeta, and Medved magazine. Contributing on various cultural and social topics she has interviewed Vladimir and Pavel Pozner, the young and idealistic conductor Theodor Kurentzis, the life-loving sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, and many others. has written for Parlamentskaya Gazeta, Gazeta, and Medved magazine. She lives in Moscow region and is working on a book about fatal acting roles in the history of Russian cinema and theater.

The Soviet Faust

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2012
A history of Leon Theremin, inventor of electronic music and the instrument which bears his name.
Author: Anna Dymkovets
Translator: Jennifer Davis
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The Napoleon Code

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2010
There have been rumors of, and searches for, Napoleon’s Treasure since the mid- nineteenth century. Anna Dymkovets tagged along with some modern-day treasure seekers to find out what they are looking for.
Author: Anna Dymkovets
Translator: Brendan Kiernan
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Cultural Clones

Russian Life: May/June 2009
Be it in films, literature, television, music or art, Russia has a long tradition of cloning western (and eastern) cultural icons and making them its own. We survey several of the more interesting and recent instances, from Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh, to The Wheel of Fortune and Big Brother.
Author: Anna Dymkovets
Translator: Deborah Hoffman
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