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Grigory Belykh

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Grigory Belykh (1906-1938) and Leonid Panteleyev (1908-1987) were writers and coauthors on the autobiographical work, The Republic of Shkid. Belykh (his last name derives from the Russian word “white,” and he used the pseudonym ­Chyornykh, from the word for “black”) was arrested and died in prison of tuberculosis. Panteleyev (real name Alexei Yeremeyev), who had been writing since early in childhood, had a luckier fate, and lived to pen dozens of stories and memoirs, some of the former of which were turned into films.

The Republic of SHKID

Chtenia: Fall 2008

Authors: Grigory Belykh and Leonid Panteleyev
Translator: Nina Shevchuk-Murray
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