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Otis E. Hays, Jr.

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Otis Haysbegan investigating the story of American internees in the Soviet Union during WWII in 1986. He has researched declassified files in the National Archives, has traveled east across Siberia as far as Khabarovsk, and has endured the frustrating task of finding surviving internees who are willing to reveal the details of their Siberian experience. He eventually found a score of men who cooperated with visits, letters and diaries. Most of them believed that they were still bound by their secret oaths. Hays published the results of his research in Home From Siberiain 1990. In 1996, the Moscow Embassy-based, US-Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIA Americans in Russia reported that Home From Siberia had accurately accounted for all 291 airmen "detained by the Soviets during World War II after being downed in the Soviet Far East."

Lost and Found in Siberia

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2003
Eleven Americans were lost in Stalin's Siberia for nearly a month before anyone even knew they were there. This is their story of survival.
Author: Otis E. Hays, Jr.
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