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Natasha Dmitrieva

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Natasha Dmitrieva Natasha Dmitrieva was born in Beijing, lived in the U.S. as a child, and was an exchange student at Arizona State University, but has always been a Muscovite. A graduate of Moscow State Linguistic University and the MGU Department of Journalism, she has taught English as a second language, traveled extensively as a freelance interpreter, and worked in corporate marketing.

Nostalgia in the Internet Age

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2008
Online social networking is booming in Russia today. Former classmates, army buddies and summer flames are seeking each other out, reconnecting after years apart. These are a few of their stories.
Author: Natasha Dmitrieva
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Worms for Snacks

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2007
Have you ever put your teeth on a shelf? This issue's Survival Russian column looks at the language of hunger...
Author: Natasha Dmitrieva
Illustrations/Images: Victor Bogorad
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Marriage Customs

Website: RL Online
A Modern Russian Wedding: The Art of Getting Married. A look at Russian wedding traditions, past and present.
Author: Natasha Dmitrieva