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Katherine E. Young

5 contributions found for Russian Life and/or Chtenia.

Growing a Democracy

Russian Life: September 1996
The demise of Big Brother left Russia with an emasculated state welfare system. Non-profit organizations, with and without Western aid, are attempting to step into the breach. Katherine Young reports on how these new organizations are helping those that Russia's reforms have forgotten.
Author: Katherine E. Young

Loyal Wives, Virtuous Mothers

Russian Life: March 1996
Once embraced by Soviet authorities as a celebration of women's liberation under communism, International Women's Day (March 8) stands stripped of ideology, but not consequence. Our author takes the occasion to ask women about their role in the new Russia.
Author: Katherine E. Young

Sailing with the Sun: The Return of Christmas

Russian Life: January 1996
Like everything else in Russia, the celebration of Christmas is in transition. Our author traces the turbulent history of Russia's Christmas and New Year's holidays.
Author: Katherine E. Young

The Irony of Fate

Russian Life: January 1996
A profile of Russians' favorite holiday movie, "The Irony of Fate."
Author: Katherine E. Young

Lenin's Last Stand

Russian Life: September 1995
A visit to Gorkiye Leninskiye, where Lenin died. Once the most sacred of Soviet sites, it has since fallen on hard times.
Author: Katherine E. Young