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Jennifer Davis

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Jennifer Davisis a writer who lives in St. Petersburg. When she is not covering the entertainment scene for the St. Petersburg Times and Pulse newspapers, she sings with local club favorites, St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review and her jazz trio, Jazzebel. Jennifer started studying Russian by accident and ended up earning a Russian degree from Indiana University in 1999.

The Soviet Faust

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2012
A history of Leon Theremin, inventor of electronic music and the instrument which bears his name.
Author: Anna Dymkovets
Translator: Jennifer Davis
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Candy Land

Russian Life: July/Aug 2011
Just a few hours’ drive from Moscow is the wonderfully preserved, ancient town of Kolomna. And here, amidst golden-domed churches and a beautifully restored kremlin, there is a hidden gem of a museum.
Author: Lada Bakal
Translator: Jennifer Davis
Illustrations/Images: Alexei Sovertkov
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The End of Russian Animation?

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2011
If the artists themselves are to be believed, Russian animation is in its death throes. After barely surviving the turmoil of the Soviet breakup, this beloved art form can no longer count on state support, nor can it embrace advertising, making its future uncertain at best.
Author: Natasha Afanaseva
Translator: Jennifer Davis
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St. Petersburg in Black & White

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2003
This stark, vivid exhibition of photos and etchings of St. Petersburg offers a fascinating take on the Northern Capital.
Author: Jennifer Davis