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Gary Wescott

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Altai and Beyond

Russian Life: August 1997
In this, the final installment in Russian Life on their trans-Russian journey, Gary & Monica Westcott expore the remarkable Altai before racing across the steppe with winter fast at their heels, in pursuit of their final goal: Hammerfest on the northeast Norwegian coast.
Authors: Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott

The Magical Land of Tuva

Russian Life: June 1997
In this, the fourth in our series of articles on Gary and Monika Westcott's drive across Russia, the couple visits the Republic of Tuva, best known for its postage stamps and throat-singing. But the "usual" tourist attractions are not what the Westcotts were after...
Authors: Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott

The Blue Pearl of Siberia

Russian Life: May 1997
There is no place on earth to compare with Lake Baikal. Explore its shores in this, the third installment in the Westcott's saga about their drive across Russia.
Authors: Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott

Winter Roads of Siberia

Russian Life: April 1997
This is the second installment in a five part series on driving across Siberia. In this article, the Westcotts drive south on the Lena river, with spring warming their heels (and creating a mess of the Winter Roads).
Authors: Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott

Road of Bones to the Coldest Place in the World

Russian Life: March 1997
For the past 28 years, Gary and Monica Westcott have been circling the globe as the Turtle Expedition. In the winter of 1996, they began a 16,000 mile drive across Russia, from Magadan in the East to Karelia in the West. Gary Westcott narrates this first installment in their amazing adventure.
Authors: Gary Wescott and Monika Wescott