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J. Lee Jacobson

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J. Lee Jacobson J. LEE JACOBSON first crossed Siberia on a Saigon to Riga trip in 2000. Enchanted by the Siberian land and people during her five weeks there, she vowed to return, to learn what life was like for average residents. Through chance and a series of mishaps (and a government fellowship), she became the first western resident of Aginskoye, capital of the Aginsk Buryat Autonomous Okrug. She has celebrated three Sagaalgans there and is currently working on a book about her time among the Buryats.


Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2010
It could be the world's longest New Year's celebration, stretching a whole month in midwinter. Indeed, this Buddhist holiday is becoming an important way that Siberian Buryats seek to preserve their cultural identity.
Author: J. Lee Jacobson
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North to Narym

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2004
This island of internal exile dates to the tsarist era. Even Stalin was sent here. And it is still quite difficult to get there or away.
Author: J. Lee Jacobson
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Tomsk at 400

Russian Life: May/Jun 2004
We visit this quiet Siberian city. Once closed to the outside world, it is now open and preparing to celebrate its quadricentennial.
Author: J. Lee Jacobson

Descendants of the Swan

Russian Life: Nov/Dec 2003
In the remote, open landd southeast of Lake Baikal, beyond typical tourist itineraries, where Genghis Khan once roamed, live most of Russia's 370,000 Buryats. We decided to pay them a visit.
Author: J. Lee Jacobson
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Spirits of Alkhanai Mountain

Russian Life: July/Aug 2003
Russia's Buddhists have a rich, ancient religion that is deeply in tune with the natural world and rooted in the beautiful mountains southeast of Lake Baikal. We take a spiritual walk up Mount Alkhanai, one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Russia.
Author: J. Lee Jacobson