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Joshua Hartshorne

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Joshua Hartshorne Joshua Hartshorne spent 2003-2004 in Russia, his third extended stay. After flirting with the idea of living amongst reindeer herders in the Arctic, he more sensibly joined an environmental organization working around Lake Baikal. He currently resides in East Asia with his fiancee, where he writes, studies, runs the Friends of the Great Baikal Trail website and plans his next trip to Russia.

Tiksi or Bust!

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2005
Each year, just a handful of foreigners sail up the beautiful, broad Lena River. Joshua Hartshorne made the trip and he has sent us this diary of his travels and travails.
Author: Joshua Hartshorne
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Saving Baikal

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2004
You would think it would be easy being the deepest, cleanest, most ecologically diverse lake in the world. But Baikal has had a rough go of it this past century. We report on how a handful of non-profits is working to reverse civilization’s assault.
Author: Joshua Hartshorne
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