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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


by Ivan Mikhailov

Name: Ivan Mikhailov

Age: 35

Profession: Photographer

City: Cheboksary

How long have you been doing photography? What style or genre most interests you? I have been doing photography for 15 years. I work on long-term documentary projects with photo and video. In my projects I touch on the intersection of Chuvashia's pagan past and modern life, on the transformations that are taking place in the cities and villages.

Can you give us a short description of your city? Where is it located? What is it famous for? The Chuvash Republic is a sovereign republic within the Russian Federation. It is located in the center of the European part of Russia. Cheboksari is the capital of republic. The main peoples of the region are the Chuvash, Russians, Tatars, Mordva, Mariy. The republic has two state languages: Russian and Chuvash. 

Cheboksary was first mentioned in the chroniclees in 1469. The city is located on the right bank of the Volga and has 480,124 residents. Cheboksary's City Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in August.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your city? The monument to Mother Protector, the Volga embankment, the Suvar ethno park, the Beer Museum, the Chuvash National Museum, the Museum of Chapayev.

Anything else you would like to add? My native city, Cheboksary, evokes in me the contradictory feelings of endless happiness and longing (радость & тоска).

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  • Snow

    The Mother Protector (Мать-Покровительница) Monument, by the sculptor Vladimir Nagornov. The height of the monument exceeds all monuments previously installed in Chuvashia. It's 46 meters including its plinth. At the bottom of the pedestal there is a plaque that reads, “Blessed are my children, living in peace and love” (Благословенны дети мои, живущие в мире и любви). The Orthodox Church criticized the monument because they said it resembles a pagan idol.

    Ivan Mikhailov

  • Rocket

    A Soviet era playground. One of the most famous representatives of the Chuvash people is Adrian Nikolaev, born in the village of Shorshely, who was the third man in space. This may be why there are many rockets in local playgrounds. There is also a park named after Nikolaev and a Space Museum in Shorshely. Ivan Mikhailov

  • Tree

    The oldest oak tree in Chuvashia is 362 years old. It has the status of a natural monument and is situated in Ilinskoe forestry of Morgaushsky district.

    Ivan Mikhailov

  • Cape of Love

    The Cape of Love is a popular place among lovers and newlyweds. From time to time city authorities pay to have it repainted, but the number of lovers doesn't decrease.  Ivan Mikhailov

  • Bridge

    A pedestrian bridge across the bay in the mouth of the Cheboksarka river is a popular place among citizens for walking.
    Ivan Mikhailov