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Stargorod: A novel in many voices

Stargorod“Stargorod is emphatically not big...”

So begins Peter Aleshkovsky’s profound, humorous, mystical and poetic novel in stories — a loving tribute to Russian provincial life that is a modern heir to Gogol’s Mirgorod tales. Celebrating the power of story, character and fantasy to make worlds come alive, Aleshkovsky’s work is divided into two parts — the first set in 1990, the second set two decades later, in 2010. The result is a rich, funny, memorable portrait of Russia before, during and after the recent Transformation.

Aleshkovsky has written a dozen novels, but it was the humor and realism of Stargorod (the first part of this two-part work) that initially brought him national fame in Russia. His style is decidedly in the realistic tradition, but that does not stop him from investigating the mystical and miraculous in everyday life. His works are richly descriptive and evocative of the uniquely Russian worldview, while at the same time tapping into universal human emotions and experiences. He has three times been short-listed for the Russian Booker Prize.

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Title Information:
Publication date: May 1, 2013
ISBN: 978-1880100-80-6
332 pages • softcover • $16.00


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