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A Siberian New Year's Delicacy
January 01, 2001

A Siberian New Year's Delicacy

Siberians know their salmon. So where better to turn for a nice holiday recipe featuring this savory fish? The dish is called Salmon Steak a la Yakut.

Not your everyday potato
September 01, 2000

Not your everyday potato

By Sudar Restaurant

Kartofelnaya zapekanka, a baked casserole with potatoes, onions and mushrooms, is the dish of choice for this issue's recipe page, which is part of our annual Russian Flavors section, focusing this year on potatoes.

Beat the Heat, Go Green!
August 01, 1999

Beat the Heat, Go Green!

Letny salat, a simple Russian green salad, showcases the fresh harvest from the dacha.

Two worth an eaten egg
June 01, 1999

Two worth an eaten egg

Caviar stuffed eggs and an Egg & Cheese Salad are the two egg dishes in question.

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