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1. The Good, the Bad, and the Middling
By Alexander Mozhaev

A tour of ten distinctive Moscow monuments that goes a long way to summarizing the state of the art in Russia today.

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Tags: Moscow, art, monuments
2. Murder and the Muse

KGB Chief Andropov has tapped Matyushkin to solve a brazen jewel heist from Picasso’s wife at the posh Metropole Hotel. But when the case bleeds over into murder, machinations, and international intrigue, not everyone is eager to see where the clues might lead.

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Tags: mystery, Moscow, KGB, Matyushkin
3. Five Wild Facts about St. Basil's Cathedral
By Alice E.M. Underwood

On October 14, 1991, St. Basil’s Cathedral was reopened after six decades. Here are five fun facts in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Cathedral’s rebirth.

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Tags: Russia, Moscow, Red Square, st. basil, St. Basil's Cathedral, Pokrovsky Sobor, religion, Ivan IV
4. Bears, boycotts, and busting rhymes
By Alice E.M. Underwood

Election aftermath, polar bear attacks, why drivers are against Russia's version of Uber, and maybe even a state secret or two. 

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Tags: russia, election, duma, parliament, polar bears, arctic, moscow, boycott, yandex
5. A Photo Guide to Russia's Lesser-Known WWII Sites
By Mariana Noble

2015 marked the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Revisit the history on this tour of St. Petersburg and Moscow's war sites – the ones you may not find in the guidebook.

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Tags: WWII, war, moscow, st. petersburg, memorial
6. 8 Perfect Pitstops Along the Trans-Siberian Railway
By Emily Kelso

In 1891, Russian Tsar Alexander III signed a document initiating the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. And not only is it the longest railway in the world; it's got some interesting stops along the line, too.

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Tags: trans-siberian railway, siberia, tour, travel, moscow, kazan, lake baikal, irkutsk, ulan ude, mongolia, mircorp
7. Moscow
By Ekaterina Klyueva

Ekaterina Klyueva takes us to the capital, the center of empire, a city everyone knows but no one every sees in full: Moscow!

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Tags: Moscow, architecture, urban
8. The Long Kiosk Goodbye
By Alice E.M. Underwood

The destruction of 97 kiosks around Moscow opens up the controversies of architectural preservation, the plight of small businesses, and the rebuilding of history itself. 

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Tags: moscow, metro, business, russian architecture, politics, economy, kiosks
9. Russian Life Book Receives National Award

The classic work of Russian journalism, Moscow and Muscovites, by journalist Vladimir Gilyarovsky (translated by Brendan Kiernan), received the prestigious 2015 AATSEEL Award for Best Scholarly Translation into English.

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Tags: Gilyarovsky, Moscow, history, journalism, books, translation
10. The Latchkey Murders

Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin is back on the case in this prequel to the popular mystery Murder at the Dacha, in which a serial killer is on the loose in Khrushchev’s Moscow...

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Tags: fiction, history, soviet, Khrushchev, Moscow

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