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27 March 2017

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Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2016

Mar/Apr 2016
Cover: Alexander Lisafin

4: Bricks in the Wall Paul E. Richardson
Where you stand depends on where you sit.

7: Bridge of Contention The Editors
On the one-year anniversary of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.

16: Leonardo da Putin The Editors
What do Leonardo DiCaprio and Ramzan Kadyrov have in common? Why Vladimir Putin, of course.
Social Issues

19: Raskol Tamara Eidelman
A look back at the historic Great Moscow Synod, the ousting of Nikon and the split in the Russian Orthodox Church.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov

Religion & Spirituality

22: Zhiguli's Birth Tamara Eidelman
A look back at the release of the first Soviet "people's car," the Zhiguli.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


23: 1861 Tamara Eidelman
A look back at 1861, the year where everything began... to fall apart.
:: Translation by Nora Favorov


26: On the Take Michelle A. Berdy
A look at the language of corruption, which would seem a rather useful thing to have in your back pocket.
:: Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

Survival Russian

27: Lost and Found in Translation Natalia Gogolitsyna
Test your knowledge of idioms of both domestic and foreign origin.

28: Raising the Shtandart Ekaterina Golovina
In the spring of 1703, Peter the Great oversaw the building of Russia’s first Baltic fleet flagship. In 1995, Vladimir Martus decided to build a replica.
:: Translation by Eugenia Sokolskaya


34: Peter's Ship Sandra Reddin
Fifteen years after the new Shtandart launched, boat builders on Solovetsky created a replica of an even older ship: the first Russian naval ship built on Russian soil, in 1693.
:: Illustrations/Images by Sandra Reddin


38: Life Along the BAM Edwin Trommelen
It was one of the greatest building projects of the Soviet era, inspiring thousands to pick up and move to Siberia. Author Edwin Trommelen traveled the route and got to know Bamovtsy.
:: Translation by David Stephenson


46: Soviet Dissent: Genesis and Heirs David Edwards
Half a century ago, the Soviet dissent movement began when two young writers were put on trial for publishing their works abroad and “slandering the state.” We consider how this relates to modern events.

50: Those Who Return Álvaro Laiz
They left Russia in droves after the Revolution, now some Old Believers whose ancestors put down roots in South America are returning to live in the Russian Far East.
:: Translation by Sarah Richardson
:: Illustrations/Images by Álvaro Laiz

Religion & Spirituality

58: Not Your Babushka's Farmers' Market Jennifer Eremeeva
A visit to the newly hip Danilovsky Market in Moscow nets a very chic recipe for Gourmet Pelmeni.
:: Illustrations/Images by Jennifer Eremeeva


61: Putin, Poetry and Spies Paul E. Richardson and Alice E.M. Underwood
Reviews of Putin Country, by Anne Garrels, Russian Silver Age Poetry, Sibelan Forrester and Martha Kelley, eds., and Near and Distant Neighbors, by Johnathan Haslam.
Under Review