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Yulia Skopich

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Yulia Skopich Yulia Skopich was born in Gryazi, Lipetsk region, and graduated from Yelets State University with a degree in journalism. Since 2012, she has worked as a journalist for many Russian and foreign publications, writing on a wide range of subjects, from society and culture, to sport and the environment. However, she prefers to write about the lives of ordinary people in Lipetsk region and her experience of traveling the world. She lives in Lipetsk.

Reconstructing the Past

Russian Life: March/April 2018
Of late, more and more Russians are getting involved in historic reenactments, attempting to recreate battles on the land in Russia where they originally occurred.
Author: Yulia Skopich
Translator: Paul E. Richardson

Museum of the Sea, Kon-Kolodez

Russian Life: Jan/Feb 2018
Hundreds of kilometers from the sea, in the backwaters of Lipetsk Oblast, is the small village of Kon-Kolodez (population 1,910), home to the Museum of the Sea.
Author: Yulia Skopich
Translator: Paul E. Richardson

Romanov Toys

Russian Life: Sep/Oct 2017
A look at a lesser-known folk craft style with prerevolutionary roots and a whimsical, musical bent.
Author: Yulia Skopich
Translator: Nora Seligman Favorov